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                Home Markets


                At present, our domestic market in China has matured for 20 years, and the Asian countries that export include:

                South Korea, Mongolia, Japan, Pakistan, India Kazakhstan, Russia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates.

                Among the Russian market, our main export products include hydraulic oil coolers, intercoolers, and car radiators.

                The main products exported to the Korean and Japanese markets are electronic equipment cold plate heat exchanger, automotive water radiators and intercoolers and copper tube fin condenser systems.

                Exports to India are mainly hydraulic oil coolers and air separation equipment coolers and water radiators

                The export to Vietnam market is mainly hydraulic oil cooling system and monomer heat exchanger

                Exports to Thailand are mainly automotive intercoolers and water radiators

                Exported to Malaysia is mainly a pneumatic fan heat exchanger and hydraulic system heat exchanger for air compressor engineering

                Export to Indonesia is mainly a mixer truck hydraulic oil cooler and air compressor heat exchanger

                Exports to Iran are mainly air compressor heat exchangers and engineering machinery heat exchangers

                Export to Turkey is mainly hydraulic oil cooler and radiator

                Exports to Saudi Arabia are mainly water radiators and hydraulic oil coolers